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Fire Safety

This two hour seminar is for employees, volunteers and long-term contractors. The seminar covers a range of fire safety issues detailed in Home Office and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guides.


Who should attend?

  • All persons employed who is required to receive fire training initially, as appropriate and when there is a change of circumstances.

  • Homeowners and families interested in reducing their fire risk

  • Business owners interested in reducing their fire risk.


Objectives: By the end of the seminar the attendants will have:

  • A greater awareness of the dangers of fire and smoke.

  • Awareness of all fire safety measures in their workplace.

  • An understanding of evacuation systems and staff accounting measures during an emergency or fire drill.

  • Awareness of potential fire hazards in a building.


Duration: 2 hours in length.


Additional Topics: These are topics that are added to the course when appropriate to the group:

  • The nature of fire and smoke

  • Action on discovery of a fire

  • How to activate fire alarms

  • Fire procedure systems

  • Calling the Fire Service

  • Action on hearing the alarm

  • Evacuation of public and visitors

  • Disabled procedures

  • Procedures for non-employees

  • Fire fighting equipment

  • Escape routes

  • How to open escape doors etc

  • Importance of fire doors

  • Reasons for not using lifts

  • Importance of general fire precautions and good housekeeping

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