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Infant CPR Training

Course Prerequisite: None
Course Length: 4.0 hours
Delivery Mode: Lecture 3 Hours Practicum 1 hours

Course Objectives:


  • Prepare the student with a background of information regarding the signs, symptoms, and conditions of a cardiovascular emergency, in conjunction with manipulative information to intervene as a first responder.

  • Prepare the student with sufficient information and practice to be able to pass a manipulative performance test of CPR skills on a manikin.

  • Provide employees with information and practice on rescue breathing and chokesaving skills for infants 0-12 months.


Course Instructional Materials:


  • CPR Video:

  • Manikins

  • OSHA compliant barrier masks


Instructors: SETA CPR instructor, with student to instructor ratio not to exceed 8:1


Course Handouts: ASHI CPR manual and other pertinent instructor created handouts


Participation Evaluation: Written evaluations from students regarding the effectiveness of the trainer, the training and the visual aids.


Written Exam: Yes with 80% grade to pass course


Practical Exam: Yes with minimum competencies to be satisfactorily completed to pass course


Retraining/Recertification: Required every two years

infant cpr

Our infant CPR classes prepare students to take appropriate actions toward providing emergency Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, rescue breathing and choke saving to others until professional emergency responders arrive. The course scope also includes information on the signs and symptoms, treatment, and prevention of medical emergencies consistent with infants 0-12 months. AED training is included with this class.

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