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First Aid Training

This First Aid training course is designed to prepare the general layperson to take appropriate action in providing emergency first aid care to others until professional emergency responders arrive.


Course Prerequisite: None
Course Length: Four and 1/2 (4.5) Hours
Delivery Mode: Lecture 3.0 hours, Practicum 1.5 hours

Course Objectives:


  • Provide information on the signs and symptoms of various injuries and illnesses they might encounter in the event of a major incident where professional rescuers might be delayed.

  • Provide the student with an introduction to the equipment available to them.

  • Provide the student with opportunities to practice various methods of bandaging and splinting of injuries.


Course Instructional Materials:


  • Video: ASHI Basic First Aid

  • First Aid Kit


Instructors: SETA First Aid instructional staff – Qualified as first aid instructors; Ratio student to teacher to not exceed 8:1


Course Handouts: Yes


Participation Evaluation: Written evaluations regarding the effectiveness of the trainer, the training and the visual aids.


Written Exam: Yes with 80% grade to pass course


Practical Exam: Yes with participation required to complete course


Retraining/Recertification: Required every two years

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