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Back Safety

This course prepares students to take appropriate action in the workplace and beyond in regards to back safety.


Course Prerequisite: None
Course Length: 1.5 Hours
Delivery Mode: Lecture 1.0 hours, Practicum 0.5 hours​

Course Objectives:


  • Provide information on the anatomy of the back.

  • Provide information on the mechanics of proper lifting and moving

  • Prepare the student with a background of information on the proper mechanics of lifting and moving materials.

  • Prepare the student with sufficient information and practice to be able to lift and move objects with minimal body strain.

Course Instructional Materials:




  • Power Point presentation with projector

  • 1lb, 5lb, and 25lb weights


Instructors: SETA back safety instructor, with student to instructor ratio not to exceed 8:1


Course Handouts: PowerPoint overview packet and other pertinent instructor created handouts


Participant Evaluation: Written evaluations from students regarding the effectiveness of the trainer, the training and the visual aids.


Written Exam: None


Practical Exam: Yes with participation only as requirement to pass course


Retraining/Recertification: None

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